Swaying Cleaner

  • It uses for separating large impurities such as: (stone, gravel, bag string), small impurities (sand, dust, flat grain) and other light impurities from materials (paddy, rice, corn etc) by screens of sieve.

PCS crop


Speed of main shaft
Net weight
 tons/hour kW r.p.m kg  mm 
 PCS70  5÷7  1.5 285 750 1740x2010x2660 
 PCS100   10÷12  1.5 290 1150 2150x2830x3600 
 PCS150A   12÷15  1.5 320 1360 2850x2440x3080 
 PCS250A   20÷25  3 320 1660 3550x2830x3380 


may lam sach


  • Swaying cleaner is desinged basing on swaying motion of sieve box, that motion is created by a symmetrical eccentric. So the two sieve boxes move in opposing direction and killing vibration themselves.
  • Sieve screen which use for separating small impurities is capable self -cleaning.
  • Easy to change sieve screen being up to materials (paddy, rice, corn etc).