SCADA system


  • Monitoring activity of  the whole factory on the computer.
  • Controlling operation of each machine, each unit of machine and  the whole line.
  • Collecting data and doing on line management quatity of input materials, quantity of finished product, consumed power.
  • Managing production process (such as: working, stopping, overloaded) of all equipment.
  • Statistic and reporting production status at every time.



Depending on demand it can choose one of scada system configurations as follow:

  • Collecting data:

- Collecting data and managing manufactured data: input materials, quantity of finished product, sub-product, consumed lot, by date, month, year.
- Making manufatured report by lot, by date, month, year.., converting data into excel or pdf  file for saving, connecting with accounting software and other managing softwares.

  • Monitoring status:

- Monitoring status of machines in line by central computer with dynamic simulation.
- Warning, alarming as having incident (overloaded, clogged bucket elevator..) so that operator handle quickly.

  • Controlling equipment:

- Controlling operation of machines in line.
- Automatic control operation by each unit of machine or a whole line.
- Auto stop all relevant  machine if there is incident: overloaded, clogged bucket elevator.

  • Extending connection:

- Connecting network for all computers in other department of company so that monitoring and controlling (decentralizing).
- Integrating data into internet to monitor and report.